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Healthcare Services in Madhya Pradesh


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Healthcare Services in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is one of the largest states in the country with 13.5 percent of the total area. With vast expanse and ever growing population the healhcare need and concern is but obvious. Thanfully there are satisfactory arrangements for public health in this part of India. Various medical colleges imparting medical and clinical education further adds to the healthcare services of the state. Due to increased health facilities and governmental health programs, the death rate has sharply declined in last few decades.

Hospitals in Madhya Pradesh
Healthcare Services in Madhya Pradesh

From 15.2 percent, the death rate has come down to 10.2 percent in the newly divided state. However, infant and maternal mortality rate is higher in the state in rural regions. 35 percent of medically certified death is caused by common communicable diseases. However state government is taking all initiatives to curb down both infant and maternal mortality rate by launching various schemes.

Healthcare in Madhya PradeshUnder Jananai Express Yojana there is provision of 24 hours transport availability at field level in order to bring the pregnant women to healthcare centers.
Bal Shakti Yojna aims at arresting the rate of severe malnutrition amogst chiledren.
Dhanwantri Block Development Scheme applies sincere efforts to improve the healthy status for the children, women and needy. Make available of all the medical requirement/ services and make it reach to the last stakehold

Health Care Infrastructure in Madhya Pradesh

The state of Madhya Pradesh located in the central part of India is known to be one of the most populous states in the country. Post Independence, the state struggled to offer better health care options to its citizens, but things have improved now. The state is now home to several big private and government hospitals that offer world class health care facilities. The government of Madhya Pradesh has taken the health care system of the state seriously and has launched several health care schemes for the benefit the citizens. Most of the government schemes are meant to offer free and quality health care facilities to the citizens of Madhya Pradesh. The health care infrastructure in the state is taken care by Public Health and Family Welfare department, Madhya Pradesh.

The main aim of the department is to take care of the proper functioning health care organizations. The department has launched several health care schemes under the flagship of Madhya Pradesh government. Several health care organizations such as Madhya Pradesh National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Madhya Pradesh Family Welfare Department and Madhya Pradesh Public Health Engineering Department (MP PHE) working in coordination with each other under the state health department to offer all round health care facilities to the citizens. In recent years, the state has seen the emergence of the region in health care facilities. Mostly people from nearby states prefer visiting Madhya Pradesh for better health care treatment. The state of Madhya Pradesh is home to several hospitals, medical clinics, blood banks, medical collages and path labs.

Directorate of Health Services, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
Address: 5th Floor, Satpura Bhawan, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 462004
Phone: 0755-2441071/ 0755-2576254
Fax: 0755-2571399
Email: commrhealth@mp.gov.in
Website: https://www.health.mp.gov.in/

Vision, Goal and Strategy of Madhya Pradesh Health Care Department

Nursing home in Madhya Pradesh

  • To make primary health facilities accessible to everyone
  • Provide free of cost emergency medical treatment to the citizens
  • Decentralization of healthcare services
  • Equity in access to effective and affordable health care
  • Offering gender sensitive health care
  • Enhancement and Improvement of public health care system
  • Encouraging community participation in health care
  • Encouraging the participation of private sector in health care system
  • To increase the number of Sub Health Centers in the state
  • Promote and educate people about family planning
  • Providing free immunization campaign for children
  • Encourage anti female feticide campaign in rural regions
  • Focus on maternity health
  • Promotion and encouragement to healthy and hygienic lifestyle
  • To increase the government budget allocation for health care
  • To develop multiple ways to finance the health care in the state
  • Ensuring adequate measures for prevention of manmade disasters
  • To control population explosion and unwanted abortions
  • To control infant and maternal mortality rate
  • To control the out spread of common communicable diseases
  • To increase ambulance facilities and blood banks in the state

Health Schemes in Madhya Pradesh

The government of Madhya Pradesh has launched several health care facilities for the citizens. Many people have been benefitted from the schemes over the years. Brief introduction about the health scheme is given below.

Deen Dayal Mobile Health Clinic

The special scheme of Deen Dayal Mobile Health Clinic was launched by the government of Madhya Pradesh in May 2006. The main objective of the health scheme was to expand the reach of medical services in the far flung tribal areas in the state that are mainly deprived of modern medical facilities. The health scheme claims to offer quality health care facilities to the poor people in the tribal areas. Since 2006, there is 92 such mobile health clinics operational in the tribal area and are offering free of cost health care facilities.

Deendayal Antyodaya Upchar Yojana

It is another ambitious health care scheme launched in the year 2004 and aims to provide free of cost health care facilities to the people who are below the poverty line. Under the scheme, medical checkup and treatment were given free of cost to the BPL families. The scheme also issued health cards for the BPL families so that they can avail free medicines from the government dispensaries. The patients from BPL families are also referred to government hospitals for proper medical treatment under the scheme. The scheme seeks to provide social security coverage to the population belonging to the lower socio economic strata of the society and safeguard them from indebtedness arising from medical illness.

Sampoorna Swasthya Sabke liye Yojna

This health care scheme was launched under the guidance of honorable chief minister Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan in the year 2012. The main objective of the scheme is to ensure active participation of poor people in the health care system. According to the scheme, every small village will be under the radar of Madhya Pradesh health department. The project also aims to provide basic health care training to the villagers to combat basic health problems. About one lakh health workers including ASHA, ANM and Anganwadi workers and members of about six lakh Village Health Committees will operate under the scheme.
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Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi

The scheme of “Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi” was launched in the year 1997. The main goal of the scheme is to offer better medical treatment facilities to the below poverty line population in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The program was launched with the budget of 10 crores. The scheme helped poor people to seek medical treatment in every corner of the state. The diseases covered under the scheme include cancer, breast surgery, renal surgery, hip replacement, knee replacement, spinal surgery, complicated deliveries, heart surgery, renal detachment and neuro surgery.

Vijaya Raje Janani Kalyan Bima Yojna

The scheme of “Vijaya Raje Janani Kalyan Bima Yojna” was launched with the aim to reduce maternal mortality rate by encouraging institutional deliveries. In the state of Madhya Pradesh, the maternal mortality rate is very high and to reduce it, the government in 2003 launched the scheme. The program targeted women who are below the poverty line. The government offers monetary incentives to the beneficiaries. The scheme assures free of cost normal delivery in accredited private hospital. Other main attractive feature of this scheme is liated below.
  • Free of cost normal delivery in accredited private hospital
  • Rs 1000 discount on Cesarean on prefixed price in private hospital
  • Rs 1000 in case of institutional delivery in government hospital
  • Compensation of Rs 50,000 in case of death during delivery or causes related to pregnancy and delivery.
  • Expense of Abortion of more than 16 weeks upto maximum of Rs 1000 /
For the proper implementation of the scheme the state government has delegated the authority to United India Insurance Co.Ltd. The agency with large number of its officers ensures that claims
are settled in timely manner without affecting its objectives.

Prasav Hetu Parivahan Evam Upchar Yojana

In the year 2005, the government of Madhya Pradesh launched a health scheme for the expecting women in the rural areas. The program was launched with an aim to reduce infant and maternal mortality rate. The scheme helped the tribal women to avail the transportation facility to get the facilities of institutional deliveries. The expecting women can get a free check up and treatment under the scheme. Since the inception of the program, over 2.64 lakh women have been benefitted from the scheme.
  • The scheme provides for payment of Rs. 300/ to pregnant women and Rs. 200/ to the person who has motivated the women for institutional delivery
  • Entitles the beneficiary of free treatments and free medicines
  • Beneficiary will get free services related to pregnancy such as normal delivery, Cesarean section and other pregnancy related cases
  • Beneficiary allowed to stay for 3 days with free treatment and care to the pregnant woman and new born
  • The payment to the beneficiary is made by the facility In-charge

Bal Shakti Yojana

The health scheme of “Bal Shakti Yojana” was initiated by the government of Madhya Pradesh with an aim to ensure proper treatment and nutrition to the malnourished children. The malnourished children identified under the scheme was given free of cost treatment to rectify their condition. The scheme also offers free counseling for the parents of the children to ensure better health care for them. Also, they are trained in preparing nutritional diet from low-cost and locally available foods. Under the scheme, several health camps were organized where free medical treatment is treatments were provided.

Janani Express Yojana

Under this health scheme, the State Government ensures that all pregnant women are bought to the hospitals in quick time. This is a 24 hours transport facility for the would be mothers of the society. The transport facilities are hired locally on a contractual basis in an out source criteria. Transport system remains available in the concerned areas of Government Hospital and others. The vehicles had some pre defined technical specifications also regular maintenance takes place. This is the minimum paid service for the needy people. Only INR 150 is charged for anything within 25 Km distance between source and destination place. The amount goes up to INR 250 for more than 25 Km distance.

Janani Sahayogi Yojna

In a step towards safe motherhood and child delivering, the Janani Sahayogi Yojna has been established. The scheme is for the Below Poverty Level families in association with Private and Non-Governmental hospitals. The scheme comes under Reproductive and Child Health Programme. There are certain conditions that have to be met for the hospitals to get enlisted under the scheme.

  • Availability of Gynaecologists, fully equipped and functional Operation Theatre and also minimum bed strength of 20-30 beds in the hospitals. The presence of Anaesthetist, Paediatrician and pathological laboratory are also required.
  • Essential equipments for the new born babies for care and treatment. Separate area for the newborn, warm water, 24 hours water service, ambulance, telephone and Blood Storage Facility are also needed. However, blood storage is an optional criterion for the scheme.
  • High Level Hygiene and care are also required.
The Department of Health conduct thorough inspection of the hospital before accepting the registration request under the scheme.

The remitted fees of the hospitals vary as per the services. INR 800 is remitted for Normal Delivery whereas C-Section is remitted for INR 4530. Baby Warmer, Phototherapy, Paediatrician care remittance is INR 50 per day whereas pre-term new born baby care is INR 250 per day.

Madhya Pradesh Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi

This scheme has been specially arranged for the BPL families. The scheme was targeted for all the BPL families who cannot bear the expenses for highly serious diseases that are specified in the scheme. Under the scheme, the beneficiary has to be a resident of Madhya Pradesh. The eligible people for the scheme get financial aid for the treatment. The range of the financial aid varies from 25,000 to 1,50,000 depending upon the criticality of the disease. However, there are certain conditions also mentioned in the scheme. The health benefits can also be available for the accredited health organisations within Madhya Pradesh. The payment is made in cheque and is made towards the health organisations where the patient is undergoing treatment.

Mother and Child Projection Card

Mother and Child Projection Card is a very innovative approach with association of UNICEF. The card is prepared by Health Department and Women & Child Development, which contains all the information about the child. The data includes antenatal test and even the growth monitoring of new born. It also includes crucial information about the vaccination, nutrition, prevention from diseases and also information about pregnant women. This card helps to protect the mother and child better and bring down the child mortality rate.

Hospitals in Madhya Pradesh

Hospitals in Madhya Pradesh
Ambulance Service in Madhya Pradesh

The state of Madhya Pradesh is known for its medical advancement and hospitals. The state is home to several renowned private and government hospitals. Most of the hospitals in the state offer world class medical facilities at lower cost. Several patients from the nearby states visit Madhya Pradesh to seek quality medical treatment. Government of Madhya Pradesh has launched several health care schemes to benefit the poor rural population. The state has emerged to be one of the most advanced medical centers in the country with qualified doctors, better health infrastructure and medical equipments. Listed below are the major private and government hospitals in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Bombay Hospital, Indore

Bombay hospital in the state is known to be one of the famous hospitals in the country that offers best medical treatment. The hospital was inaugurated in 1950s by philanthropist Shri Rameshwar Das jBirla. The hospital offers modern treatment techniques at very nominal charges. Every year over 2 lakh patents visits the hospital to get world class medical treatment. The hospital delivers best possible treatment most efficiently at minimum cost. Efficient support service system in the hospital ensures hassle-free experience. Bombay hospital is the only National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) accredited hospitals in the state that signifies the benchmarks for progress of the health industry.

Address:12, Marine Lines, Mumbai - 400 020, India.
Telephone No.: +91-22-22067676
Fax No.: +91-22-22080871
Email id – Enquiries: helpdesk@bombayhospital.com
Suggestions: suggest@bombayhospital.com
Website: https://www.bombayhospital.com/

Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital (JNCH), Bhopal

Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital is one of the top hospitals and research centers in the country. The hospital was established in the year 1995 by erstwhile President of India His Excellency Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma. Since the inception, the hospital has grown rapidly and become famous as cancer institute. The hospital and research center was created with an aim to offer super specialty health care services in the state. JNCH is currently one of the major health care service and treatment providers in Madhya Pradesh.

Address: Idgah Hills, P.B. No. 32, Bhopal - 462 001 (M.P.)
Ph. 2665720, 2666374 ,4255680, 4255682 Fax: (0755) 2738 325
Website: https://www.jnchrc.com

Gandhi Medical College (GMC), Bhopal

GMC is one of the most prominent and prestigious hospitals and medical college in the state. The institution was established in 1955 and has reached great heights. The institution has medico legal institute, Regional Eye Institute and Cardiac Sciences Center. GMC is well equipped with modern equipments to carry out world class medical surgeries and treatments. GMC offers free of cost medical treatment for the poor and destitute people in the region. GMC has been one of the torch bearer s in the field of medical education.

Address: Sultania Road,
Phone: 0755-2540590, 4050000
Fax: 0755-2541376
Email: deangmc_bpl@yahoo.com, gmcbpl_lib@yahoo.co.in
Website: https://www.gmcbhopal.net/

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences, (SAIMS) Indore

The medical institution was established by Bhandari group and offers cost effective medical treatment to every stratum of the society. The main objective of the institute is to offer dependable and accurate solutions to medical issues ranging from cardiac problems to common ailments. The institute also imparts medical education to the post doctoral students.

Address: Near MR 10 Crossing, Indore
Phone: 91 731 4231000
Fax: 91-731 4231010/11/12
Email: help@saimsonline.com
Website: https://www.saimsonline.com/

All India Institute of Medical Science, AIIMS Bhopal

Under the scheme of Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna AIIMS Bhopal is established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. The hospital was established with an objective to bridge the gap in quality of tertiary treatment in various regions. The main aim of the health care institution is to provide the best health care facilities to every strata of society without any differentiation. The institution is also working to provide disaster management education to the rural population to bring awareness. Apart from this, AIIMS Bhopal is also working in coordination with the state government in many disease eradication programs.

Address: Saket Nagar Bhopal
Phone: 001122138
Email: website@aiimsbhopal.edu.in
Website: https://www.aiimsbhopal.edu.in/

Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre, Bhopal

Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre is one of the most prestigious multi specialty health care hospitals. The hospital was established on the direction of honorable Supreme Court of India to set up a modern and advanced tertiary health care hospital in central India to provide treatment to victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The hospital is interconnected with its eight Mini Units by excellent modern computerization and technology that offers health care services in the region. The hospital is also home to advanced research center and is equipped with modern equipments. The hospital also offers courses in paramedical, nursing, dental and cardiology sciences.

Address: Kazond Rd, Raisen Bypass Rd, BMHRC Campus, Bhanpur, Bhopal
Phone: 0755 274 2214
Fax: 0755 2748309
Website: https://www.bmhrc.org

Other Famous Hospitals of Madhya Pradesh

Akshay Hospital
Address: Rishi Nagar, Char Imli, Opposite Ekant Park, Bhopal
Phone: 91 755 2411307
Fax: 91 755 2422306

Metro Hospital & Cancer Research Centre
Address: Kuchani Parisar, Kshetriya Bus Stand, Damohnaka, Jabalpur
Phone: 91 0761 4062000
Fax: 91 0761 2641662
Email: metro_cancerhospital@yahoo.com
Emergency No: 0761 4062000
Website: www.metrohospitaljbp.org

Arihant Hospital & Research Centre
Address: 283- A, Gumasta Nagar
Phone: 0731 2785172 74
Fax: 0731 2785175
Email: info@arihanthospital.org
Website: https://www.arihanthospital.org/

Charak Hospital
Address: Film Bhawan Rani Sati Gate,Y.N. Road, Indore - 452003
Phone: 0731 2548101
Fax: 0731 2536116

CHL Apollo Hospital
Address: A.B. Road, Near L.I.G Square, Indore – 452 008
Phone: 0731 6622222
Email: info@chlhospitals.com
Website: www.chlhospitals.com
Kamla Raje Hospital
Address: Veer Savarkar Marg,Gwalior - 474009
Phone: 91 0751 2403400
Fax: 91 0751 2403403
Email: grmc1946@yahoo.co.in
Website: www.grmcgwalior.org

Jabalpur Hospital & Research Centre
Address: Russel Crossing, Napier Town, Jabalpur
Phone: 91 0761 24 50761
Fax: 91 0761 4036343
Email: jhrc_hrd@yahoo.co.in
Website: https://jabalpurhospital.com/

Mahakaushal Hospital
Address: Wright Town Opp. Stadium, Gate No. 3 Jabalpur
Phone: 91 761 2401909
Fax: 91 761 4063438

Sanjeevani Hospital
Address: 45, University Road, Dashahara Maidan, Ujjain
Phone: 91 0734 4066113
Fax: 91 0731 2512577
Email: info@sanjeevanihospital.in
Website: https://sanjeevanihospital.in/

Chirayu Hospital
Address: 6, Malipura, Bhopal 462001
Phone: 91 755 2531122
Fax: 91 755 2737403
Email: info@chirayuhospital.com
Website: www.chirayuhospital.com

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Eye Hospital in Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh, several multi specialty eye care hospitals have started their operation. Most of the eye care hospitals are well known in the country and offers plethora of eye treatments. While some of them are private many are government aided hospitals. Eye patients from across the state and outside visit various hospitals for getting wholesome eye treatment against eye infections, cataract or other. Some of the major eye hospitals are listed below.

Gomabai Netralaya
Address: Gomabai Marg, Nimach
Phone: 07423 220122
Fax:07423 404200
Email: gomabainetralaya@gmail.com
Website: https://gomabainetralaya.org/

Jan Jyoti Super Specialty Eye Hospital, Jabalpur
Address: 1051, Near Kaserwani College,Gole Bazar,
Jabalpur, 482002
Phone: 0761 2404608

Rajas Eye & Retina Research Centre
Address: 152, Kanchan Bag, Opp. Airtel Office,
Phone: 0731 2511333, 2525333
Email: contact@rajaseyehospital.in
Website: https://www.rajaseyehospital.com/

Suraj Vision Centre
Address: 3/1, 4-A South Tukoganj, Indore
Phone: 0731-2522988
Fax: 0731 2522989
Email: suraj_vision@yahoo.co.in

Rohit Eye Hospital and Child Care Centre
Address: 101,201-202, Sapphire House,
9 Sneh Nagar, Main Road, Near Lotus, Indore-01
Phone: 0731 2460911, 4093919
Email: mail@demolink.org
Website: https://rohiteyehospital.com/

Indore Eye Hospital
Address: M.O.G. Lines, Dhar road, Behind Gangwal Busstand, Indore-2
Phone: 0731 2380821, 4029720
Fax: 0731 2380554
Email: indoreeyehospital@gmail.com
Website: www.indoreeyehospital.org

ASG Eye Hospital
Address: E-3/157 Arera Colony, Bhopal
Phone: 91 755 4222295
Email: info@asgeyehospital.com
Website: https://asgeyehospital.com/

Sewa Sansthan Eye Hospital
Address: First floor, Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Public School,
Lake Road, Sant Hirdaram Nagar, Bhopal
Phone: 91 755 2643081
Fax: 2642389

Dr. P.S. Hardia Advanced Eye Surgery and Research Institute
Address: Bypass Chouraha, A B Road, Rau, Indore
Phone: 91 731 4020429

Choithram Netralaya
Address: Shriram Talawali, Dhar Road,
Phone: 91 0731 2895253
Fax: 0731 2895111
Website: https://www.choithramnetralaya.com/

Blood Banks in Madhya Pradesh

Blood Banks in Madhya Pradesh
Blood banks act as a backbone and supporting partner for the health care institutions in the state. During emergency or accidental cases blood banks play an important role. Every year thousand units of blood supply is required for the treatment of ailing patients. The blood banks work in coordination with the hospitals to provide blood supplies to the suffering patients. The blood banks are well equipped with the advanced blood storing equipments. Apart from the normal blood banks, the state is also home to several NACO supported blood banks. These blood banks arrange several blood donation camps in the state to encourage blood donation. Listed below are the blood banks in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

NACO Blood Banks in Madhya Pradesh
MPAIDS Control Society Blood Bank in Madhya Pradesh
Indian Red Cross Blood Bank in Madhya Pradesh

Diagnostic Center in Madhya Pradesh

For the proper treatment of the ailment, proper diagnosis is required. The pathology labs help in the accurate diagnosis of the disease so that the doctors can prescribe treatment accordingly. In Madhya Pradesh, there are many diagnostic centers where patients can undergo a medical examination. Many reputed hospitals have their own diagnostic center for various pathological tests. However, patients can seek pathological examination from private diagnostic centers too. Most of the diagnostic labs offer medical examination at very affordable cost. Listed below are few major diagnostic centers in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Dr Lal Path labs in Madhya Pradesh
SRL Laboratory in Madhya Pradesh
DNA labs in Madhya Pradesh
Thyrocare Labs in Madhya Pradesh

Pharmaceutical Stores in Madhya Pradesh

Along with the health care facilities, dispensaries and pharmacy also plays a great role in offering complete health care solution to the citizens. It is very important to arrange proper medicines for the patients in the state. The pharmacies supply many life saving drugs to the major hospitals on a daily basis for the proper treatment of the patients. The state of Madhya Pradesh is dotted with several big and small pharmacies that offer medicines at affordable costs. Most of the chemists are affiliated with Madhya Pradesh Chemists and Druggists Association to operate in the region. The association works under the strict guidelines of All India Chemist and Druggist Association.

Madhya Pradesh Chemists and Druggists Association
President: Mr. Goutam Chand Dhing
Address: Jain Products Gonsa Darwaja, Ujjain - 456006
Phone: 91 0734 4010108, 2575620
Fax: 91 0734 4010108

Madhya Pradesh State Pharmacy Council
J.P.Hospital Compound
1250, T.T. Nagar, Bhopal
Phone No.-91-755-2764481 (O)
Registrar Phone No. :91-755-
President Phone No.:
FAX No.: 91-755-2764481
Website: https://pharmacy.mponline.gov.in/Portal/services/pharmacy/home.aspx

Ayurveda in Madhya Pradesh

Ayurveda is an ancient and Vedic form of medicinal treatment. This form of treatment dates back to ancient period and since then is used in the country to treat the patients affected with various ailments. The form of Ayurveda is well integrated with the national health care system in the country. In the state of Madhya Pradesh, there are several ayurvedic centers are available that offers quality treatment at affordable price. There are also few ayurvedic centers in the state that offers free of cost medical treatment to the ailing patients. The state is also home to few well known ayurvedic colleges in the country that imparts ayurvedic education to medical students. Listed below are few popular ayurvedic hospitals and clinics in Madhya Pradesh.

Rajeev Gandhi Ayurved College
Address: E-8, Trilanga Colony, Shahapura, Bhopal
Phone: 9826065507
Fax: 0755 2725133
Email: rgcbhopal@rediffmail.com
Website: https://www.rgayurvedacollege.org/

Dr. Shahs Panchkarma Ayurveda Clinic
Address: M-6 Amar Darshan, 1st Floor, 28/2 Old Palasia, Saket Square Indore,
Phone: 9229455119
Website: https://www.ayurveda.in/

Pt. Khushilal Sharma Government Ayurveda College & Hospital
Address: Science Hills, Nehru Nagar Kolar Bypass Road
Phone: 91 755 2970310
Website: https://www.klsgaci.edu.in/

Patanjali Chikitsalaya
Address: 13, MIG, MLA, Quaters
Jawahar Nagar Chowk, Bhopal
Phone: 0755 6454990

Jiva Ayurveda
Address: LG-3-4, Royal Ratan Building
7, MG Road, Indore
Phone: 07024145670
Email: clinics@jiva.com
Website: https://www.jiva.com/

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Centre
Address: K Opposite Khajuraho Airport,
Khajuraho - 471 505
Phone: 91 7686 272219
Email: kairali.khajuraho@gmail.com
Website: www.kairali.com

Yoga in Madhya Pradesh

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that helps in connecting body with the mind. The ancient form of yoga is born in Indian subcontinent. The term ‘Yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit language that signifies the union of mind and body. Yoga comprises meditation, posture, relaxation and breathing exercises. With the passage of time, the ancient art got popularity and now it is practiced in almost every corner of the world. The state of Madhya Pradesh has also seen the inclination of citizens toward the ancient technique to combat illness. Inspired by the increasing popularity of Yoga, the state has seen the emergence of several yoga schools and classes in the state. Listed below are few yoga institutions that are proving yoga classes in Madhya Pradesh.

Yoga classes in Madhya Pradesh
Yoga Classes in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Yoga Association is one of the recognized yoga institutions in the state by the government of Madhya Pradesh. The institution was established in the year 2006 and it was established with an aim to expand the outreach of yoga in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The association provides yoga training to men and women in the state for national and international competitions. The association also helps in promoting yoga techniques in various corner of the state.

Madhya Pradesh Yoga Association
Address: 323/1, Krishna Bag Colony, Airport Road,
Phone: 09425347390
Email: mpyogaassociation@gmail.com
Website: https://mpyogaassociation.com/

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya
Address: Karaundi, Umariyapan, Katni
Phone: 07625 220345
Email: registrarmmyvv@gmail.com
Website: https://www.mmyvv.com/

Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research
Address: Khadwa Road, Indore
Phone: 919755986869
Email: paramyoga.india@gmail.com
Website: www.paramyoga.org

The Bodhi Yoga
Address: 20 Telephona Nagar Indore
Phone: 919229684734
Email: info@thebodhiyoga.com
Website: https://www.thebodhiyoga.com/

Arhanta Yoga Ashram
Address: P.O. Onta Purwa (via Bamitha) District Chhatarpur
Phone: 918120121002
Email: info@arhantayogaindia.com
Website: https://www.arhantayogaindia.com/

Veterinary Hospitals in Madhya Pradesh

Veterinary treatment is a branch of medical treatment that specially deals with the diagnosis and treatment of animal health problems. The veterinary treatment deals with both domesticated and wild animals. Several veterinary clinics and hospitals have emerged in the state of Madhya Pradesh followed by increased population of pets and domesticated animals. The veterinary clinics in MP offer best quality treatment and medicines for the pets. Most of the clinics are capable of carrying out serious surgical treatments. Listed below are the famous veterinary clinics and hospitals in Madhya Pradesh.

Department of Veterinary Sciences, M.P
Address: Vaishali Nagar,
Kotra, Bhopal
Phone: 0755 2772262
Fax: 0755 2772263
Email: dvsmp2007@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.mpdah.gov.in/

Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University
Address: South Civil Lines, Jabalpur
Phone: 91 0761 2620783
Fax: 91 0761 2620783
Email: vcnduvs@gmail.com
Website: https://www.mppcvv.org/

Government Veterinary Hospital
Address: Padawa, SH 26, Vidhyuth Nagar Khandwa
Phone: 91 7332243478

The state of Madhya Pradesh being one of the most populous states in the country needs well integrated health care facilities. The health department of the state is working in coordination with several big and small health care units to expand the reach of medical facilities in the remote corners of Madhya Pradesh. The government is also working with the private institutions to provide maximum health benefits to the citizens. Various schemes launched by the health department directly benefit the lower section of the society so that they can get equally good medical facilities. The health care system of Madhya Pradesh comprises of private and government hospitals, clinics, blood banks, path labs, diagnostic centers, veterinary clinics and pharmaceutical stores. With the passage of time and modernization of technology, the health care system in Madhya Pradesh undergoes continuous up gradation to provide the best health care facilities to the citizen.

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